5 Cool Scissors to Own for Every Hairdresser

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Checkout these cool scissors from our top picks

Scissors are a hairdresser’s best friend and most professional hairdressers use them every single day. Most professional scissors come with a polished finish and are colored silver – pretty average right. Fear out as Jaguar scissors brings an exciting range of cool scissors which won’t let you get bored on a budget. These cool scissors have excellent designs, perfect ergonomics and unparalleled practicality. Following are 5 cool scissors to own for every hairdresser:

The Mystic Rose

mystic rose cool scissors to own

Made in premium quality chrome stainless steel, the Mystic Rose has a beautiful white floral pattern over black color. The inside of the blades are gold which gives the shear a more premium feel. These shears are super light to hold weighing just under 40 grams. The 5.5 inch size and offset handle are perfect for point cutting technique. Vario screw connection makes using the Mystic Rose an enjoyable experience. Some other cool features include the finger support, removable finger rest, and allergy-neutral coating for better durability.

Sweet Daisy (White Line)

sweet daisy cool shears

For people who like soft pastel colors, the Sweet Daisy is the perfect tool. It might look soft but it sure is sharp. The Sweet Daisy is a good quality shear made in chrome stainless steel and a good option for slice cutting edge. The shear size is standard 5.0 inches and vario screw connections are used for added smoothness. The offset handle position is designed to reduce wrist fatigue and it weighs just 37 grams.

Focus on 5.5 (White Line)

focus on white line cool hairdressing scissors to own

The Focus on 5.5 is a cool scissor to own with an amazing abstract pattern that will surely add character to your hairstyling kit. These shears have an offset handle with a standard 5.5 scissor size and 38 gram weight. This series is designed for fashion enthusiasts, is super innovative and comes with a durable high-tech coating. The coating is multi-purpose as it offers excellent protection in case of nickel allergy. Each shear comes with matching color-finger rings and a cool pin button to remind me of your awesomeness.

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Xenox Design (Gold Line)

xenox design cool shears to own

If you prefer subtle accents or flashy bright colors, the Xenox design is an amazingly cool scissor that is made in Vanadium steel and comes in two sizes (5.5 and 6.0 inches). The shear has a slice cutting edge but works well for point cutting as well. I like the weight (just 44 grams) – feature light. The Xenox shears uses the smart spin screw connection and has an offset handle. I have used the 5.5 inch version for point cutting and slice cutting – works well. It has an angled thumb ring and finger support surface which I find a cool feature.

The Diamond TB (Gold Line)

the diamond tb good looking scissors

It won’t be fair if we are talking about cool scissors to own for every hairdresser and miss this one out. The Diamond TB is an amazing 5.5 inch shear with a classic handle. Made in ball bearing steel, these shears have a slice cutting edge. The smart spin mechanism gives these shears extra smoothness. The flashy blue color looks very classy and chic. Special features include a finger support surface, removable finger rest, and allergy-neutral coating for a longer life span. What’s amazing is that Jaguar scissors has managed to make these shears ultra light – just 35 grams.

The Gold Rush

the gold rush attractive scissors

For people who love bling, the Gold Rush is a cool scissor to own. These sheas have an offset hand position combined with an angled thumb ring. Both these factors enhance the shear ergonomics and smart spin ensures the hairstylist does not need to apply too much force. The Gold Rush shears have a slice, semi-integrated cutting edge with a semi-convex blade which can be utilized for a variety of techniques (slice cutting, blunt cutting and point cutting), making it a versatile tool to own.

This article covered 5 cool scissors to own for every hairdresser. These cutting-edge shears not only boast practicality, but also exude a unique style that will make them a standout in your collection. With these cool scissors, you’ll be able to craft the most cutting-edge hairstyles and add a personal flair to your professional arsenal. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your craft with these must-have tools!