5 Joe Well Scissors & Shears Worth Investing

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If you are looking to step up your hairstyling game – we recommend Joe Well scissors. The brand has been producing high quality shears for over 45 years now and this brand has stayed true to its promise of excellence. Joe well’s commitment to quality made them the top scissors brand in Japan and a beloved brand worldwide. They adapt to meet unique market needs. With over 200 models on their website, Joe Well offers classic and innovative options for hair stylists everywhere. Join hair stylists worldwide in using Joe Well scissors for stunning looks.

What Types of Scissors does Joe Well Produce?

Joe Well offers scissors falling into four main categories:

  • Cutting scissors
  • Thinning scissors
  • Left-handed scissors
  • Urushi scissors

Top 5 Joe Well Scissors to Buy

What distinguishes Joe Well scissors from others? Explore their most popular options, such as the Supreme Powder Metal SPM and Supreme Powder Metal SPM Black, which have gained popularity among professionals.

Supreme Powder Metal SPM-50

joe well scissors

The Supreme Powder Metal SPM-50, which weighs only 42 grams, features a medium-sized finger hole, a sword and flat blade, and a dry bearing screw system. All these eliminate the need for oiling while promoting ergonomics. Additionally, its permanent finger rests are crafted from premium quality silicone rubber, offering superior grip and posture. Professional hairstylists often report finger fatigue or wrist pain. If you use a Joe Well SPM-50, you can work longer without getting tired.

Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60

supreme joe wells

supreme powder metal spm 60

Professional hairstylists can upgrade to the Supreme Powder Metal SPM-60. Its 6.0 inch size is perfect for point cutting and a 71mm blade allows the hairstylist to create softer, more blended hairstyles. SPM-60 shears are superlight, weighing just 48 grams. It is no surprise that Joe Well’s SPM series earned the 2018 Gold Award. Compared to the SPM-50, the SPM-60 offers a longer blade and a slightly heavier weight, which may provide enhanced cutting capabilities for certain hairstyling techniques. Its larger size and increased weight may also provide a better grip and balance for stylists with larger hands.

The Joe Well Black Crest (Texturising/Blending shear)

joewell black crest shears

The Joe Well Black Crest is a remarkable addition to the product line, boasting an impressive size of 5.9 inches and blade length of 61mm. Its lightweight design, weighing in at only 50 grams, is deceiving, as it features a powerful 35% cut ratio due to its 40 teeth. The Black Crest is composed of durable supreme stainless alloy, equipped with a dry bearing screw system and silver screw cover, ensuring its longevity. Furthermore, the removable finger rests and black titanium coating of the handles add to the shear’s comfort and durability. Prepare to transform your hairstyling technique with the Joe Well Black Crest.

The Joe Well JGC-24 (Texturising/Blending shear)

joewell jgc

For hairstylists seeking shears that can handle cutting angled bobs with ease, the Joe Well JGC-24 is an excellent choice. Its size of 6.3 inches and blade length of 69mm make it ideal for intricate angles and shapes. Weighing in at only 57.0 grams, this shear is lightweight and comfortable to handle for extended periods of time. Its small finger hole and 15% cut ratio make it an ideal tool for precision cutting. The JGC-24 also features 24 teeth crafted from supreme stainless alloy, making it a durable and long-lasting investment. The shear is equipped with a dry bearing screw system and a permanent finger rest, providing added comfort and precision during use. With the Joe Well JGC-24, you can take your angled bobs to the next level.

The Joe Well FX-L55 (Left-handed)

joewells scissors well fx

The exceptional Joe Well FX-L55 left-handed shears boast a sleek design and are a marvel of expert craftsmanship. These shears are a must-have for left-handed individuals in the hairdressing industry. The FX-L55 features a blade length of 54mm which is perfect for point cutting, precision cutting and slide cutting. One of the most notable features of the FX-L55 is the revolutionary FX 3D handle, which enables natural thumb and finger movement, significantly reducing hand fatigue and making cutting effortless.

Joe well Scissors Overview

joewells scissors overview

Joe Well scissors are highly recommended for professional hairstylists who are looking for high-quality and durable scissors that can help them create a variety of hairstyles. With features like lightweight designs, dry bearing screw systems, supreme stainless alloy blades, and comfortable finger rests, these scissors are designed to reduce hand fatigue and make hair cutting more precise and effortless. So, investing in a pair of Joe Well scissors would be a great choice for hairstylists who want to take their hairstyling game to the next level.t level.

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