5 Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears To Try Today

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What Are The Top Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors of 2023?

Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors to Try Today

Are you looking for top-notch hair cutting scissors explicitly designed for left-handed individuals? Look no further! We understand the challenges left-handed hairstylists face in finding high-quality tools that meet their unique requirements. Luckily, renowned shear companies like Hattori Hanzo, Sam Villa, and Scissor Tech offer exceptional options for left-handed stylists. In this article, we present five top-notch left-handed hair cutting scissors that will help you step up your hairstyling game. Experience precision, comfort, and control like never before with these carefully crafted tools.

Jaguar Pre Style Relax Lefty Hair Scissor

best left handed hair cutting scissorsFor left-handed individuals seeking a top-notch pair of scissors, the Jaguar Pre Style Lefty Relax Hair Cutting Scissors are the ultimate solution. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Germany, these scissors are designed to deliver the finest haircuts, whether in a professional salon or at home. With their offset ergonomics and micro-serrated blades, they provide exceptional durability and effortless cutting performance. Combining classic style with innovative features, the Jaguar Lefty Relax scissors cater specifically to left-handed users. The offset handles and lightweight design ensure a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise control during hair cutting. Embrace the superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design of the Jaguar Pre Style Lefty Relax Hair Cutting Scissors, tailored to meet the needs of left-handed hairstylists and enthusiasts alike.

Streamline Series Shear by Sam Villa ($475)

hair cutting scissors left handedThe Streamline Series left-handed hair cutting scissors by Sam Villa have earned a special place in my preferences. Available in three different lengths (5.5, 6.25, and 6.75 inches), these shears offer a tailored fit for hairstylists. The contoured blades, crane-style handle, and sculpted design enable precise cutting techniques. These shears are particularly well-suited for female hairstylists, thanks to their shorter handles, thinner blades, and smaller finger holes. With a forward-set thumb and a flat-line tension system, the Streamline shears provide consistent tension throughout the blade. Moreover, the inclusion of a polymer lining helps minimize metal-on-metal grinding, ensuring a prolonged shear lifespan.

HHVLT1 Mamba Texturizer by Hanzo ($691)

left handed hair cutting scissorsDiscover the cutting-edge HHVLT1 Mamba Texturizer which is designed to revolutionize hair texturizing.The brushed handle enhances grip and control, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold. The screw-in bumper and countersunk locking tension control provide a seamless and effortless cutting experience. Equipped with 14 angled ⅛ inch blades, these texturizers effortlessly glide through hair, making them ideal for blending extensions and creating soft, textured looks. Enjoy the added benefits of free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a 15-day refund policy. Elevate your hair texturizing techniques with the HHVLT1 Mamba Texturizer today.

Yasaka Left-Handed Cutting Shears

best left handed scissors for cutting hairYasaka Left-Handed hair cutting shears are specifically designed for professionals. These LEFTY scissors are crafted with lightweight Japanese steel, ensuring sharp and reliable cutting blades. With a unique clam-shaped convex edge, they excel in slicing techniques. The high-quality 440C Hitachi Japanese steel guarantees long-lasting durability and effortless cuts. Designed with an ergonomic grip, these scissors provide natural comfort, reducing stress during extended use. Experience the precision and comfort of Yasaka’s Left Handed shears, ideal for professional hairstylists and barbers.

Signature Series Wet Cutting Shear by Sam Villa ($475)

left handed scissors for cutting hairExperience the immense popularity of the Sam Villa Signature Series, renowned for its exceptional performance. These left-handed hair cutting scissors feature a 5.75-inch shear size and are crafted from Japanese Molybdenum alloy blades, offering effortless hair sliding with minimal friction. With a crane design and convex blade, these shears are handcrafted for prolonged edge retention compared to machine beveled blades. The unique lead spring tension system ensures even tension along the blade length. 

Excellent scissor ergonomics keep the hand in a neutral position while the blades point upwards, reducing strain on the elbow. The polymer lining in the pivot minimizes metal-to-metal grinding, preserving the shears’ longevity. Though slightly heavier at around 57 grams, the superb ergonomics prevent the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Ideal for point cutting and creating intricate styles, the Sam Villa Signature Series is a top choice.

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Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors FAQ

Are left-handed hair cutting scissors different from regular scissors?

Yes, left-handed hair cutting scissors are specifically designed with blade orientation and handle ergonomics that cater to left-handed individuals for enhanced comfort and precision.

Can left-handed hair cutting scissors be used for both wet and dry hair?

Yes, many left-handed hair cutting scissors are versatile and suitable for use on both wet and dry hair, providing excellent performance in various styling techniques.