How To Hold Hair Scissors – A Professional Guide

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Learn To Hold Hair Scissors The Way They Are Meant To Be

How To Hold Hair Scissors Like a Professional

Mastering the proper grip of professional hairdressing scissors may not be an art, but it is crucial for a seamless cutting experience. Incorrect handling can lead to discomfort, injury, and fatigue. Holding hair scissors differs from everyday scissors; initially, it’s normal to feel unfamiliar. However, once you learn the correct technique, a “light bulb” moment occurs, and any other way of holding them seems illogical. Prepare for enlightening moments as we explore how to hold hair scissors, empowering professional hairdressers with crucial knowledge.

How to hold hair scissors correctly

how to hold hair scissors

Let’s dive into the proper technique of how to hold hair cutting scissors to start styling hair. Understanding the shear’s anatomy is key, including the pivot point, finger holes, and tangs for resting the pinky finger. Insert your thumb in the larger hole and the ring finger in the smaller hole, adjusting the other fingers accordingly. If you experience fatigue or discomfort, it could be due to incorrect usage or ill-fitting shears. It comes down to personal preferences.

Some people prefer offset shears like the HH22T3-Tenshi, while others might like the crane-style HH11 Hasuji. Similarly, swivel and double-swivel options are available for hairstylists looking for excellent ergonomics and unparalleled precision. We encourage you to experiment with multiple shears until you like one.

How to Properly Hold Hair Shears and Comb?

how to hold hair cutting scissorsAre you ready to elevate your hairdressing skills? Once you’ve learned the correct way to hold haircutting scissors, it’s time to master the technique of holding both shears and a comb like a professional. This requires coordination and finesse. Proper hair preparation is essential, and that’s where the comb comes in.

Transfer the comb between your hands while holding the shears. Straighten the hair with the comb and switch hands to make cuts. It may feel challenging initially, but practice will make it effortless. Work quickly and efficiently while prioritising safety for yourself and the client. Guide the comb with your index finger for better control during cuts. Remember, perfection comes with practice. Dedicate time and effort, and you’ll become a hairdressing master.

How to Hold Hair Scissors for Point Cutting?

Mastering the point-cutting technique is essential for hairstylists seeking expertise. This popular hair cutting method allows you to create precise, textured, and layered looks that leave a lasting impression. Although it may seem intimidating, with practice, you’ll excel.

Just follow these steps, and you will do amazing:

  • Hold the shears vertically, with upward tips.
  • Place your thumb in the larger finger hole and your ring finger in the smaller one.
  • Rest your index and middle fingers on the opposite blade.
  • Utilize a gentle scissor motion, keeping the tips pointed upward.
  • Employ the tips of the shears to make small, choppy cuts, resulting in a textured and layered effect.

Practice diligently to perfect this technique and unleash your hairstyling creativity.

How to Hold Texturizing Shears?

how to hold a scissorProperly holding texturizing shears is important for various hair techniques, including volume reduction, edge softening, texture creation, and layer blending. Follow these steps for the correct grip:

  • Hold the shears horizontally, with the tips facing away from you.
  • Place your thumb in the larger finger hole and your ring finger in the smaller hole.
  • Rest your index and middle fingers on the opposite blade.
  • Utilize the shears’ tips to make small, swift cuts in the hair, resulting in texture and movement.

What is the Best Way to Hold Swivel Shears?

Swivel shears enhance ergonomics and minimize hand fatigue during hair cutting. To hold swivel shears correctly, follow these steps:

  • Position your thumb in the larger finger hole and your ring finger in the smaller hole.
  • Rest your middle and index fingers on the opposite blade of the shears.
  • Slightly rotate your wrist to allow the swivel to move freely while keeping the shear blades parallel to the hair.
  • Use a gentle scissor to open and close the shears, ensuring the blades remain parallel to the hair.

You can optimize your comfort and efficiency while cutting hair by mastering the proper technique for holding swivel shears.