Learn About The Different Types of Shears And What They Do

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Different Types of Shears for Hair Cutting

Choosing the right professional hairdressing shears can be overwhelming, especially for aspiring hairdressers aiming to excel in haircutting. The market offers an abundance of options, leaving you unsure about which barber scissors are essential.

Barber scissors and shears come in a wide range of styles, techniques, and ergonomic features. It’s crucial for barbers to familiar themselves with the various types available to make informed investments aligned with their specific requirements.

What Should You Know About Hair Shears?

Hairdressing shears can be divided into two main categories: thinning shears and hair cutting shears. These shears come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

different types of shears

Shears for hair cutting, as their name suggests, are used to cut hair, whilst shears for hair thinning are used to thin out dense hair. To thin out hair without severely shortening it, thinning shears have teeth on one of their blades.

Types of Shears for Hairdressing

Texturizing Shears

Texturizing shears are a special kind of shears because they include a blade with teeth made to grab hair; the blade normally has 7–16 teeth. They are not the best for wispy hair, but they are excellent for thinning thick hair without extremely shortening it. Professionals are advised to use these scissors while attempting to achieve balance or lessen the weight of a haircut. Many texturizing shears come with an adjustable knob so you may choose how tight you want the instrument to be.

Thinning Shears

Thinning scissors are special because of their closely packed teeth. These scissors are good for making hair less thick. They help blend different parts of the hair nicely. Some of these scissors have lots of teeth on one side, up to 25 or more. Thinning shears only cut some of the hair they grab, which is faster and easier than using regular scissors. These scissors are easy to hold, and they have a screw that you can adjust to make them tighter or looser, whichever feels better for you.

Short-Bladed Cutting Scissors

Choosing the correct professional hairdressing scissors involves considering the length of the blades. People with smaller hands often prefer shorter-bladed cutting scissors because they are lighter and provide better control, reducing hand tiredness.

types of shears for hair

Scissors with blade lengths ranging from 4 to 5.5 inches work well for different hair techniques. For instance, the 2018 Matsui Matte Black Aichei Mountain Offset Scissors, equipped with 5.5-inch blades, are a great option for women’s haircutting styles such as hair slicing and intricate cuts.

Long-Bladed Barbering Scissors

The long-bladed barber scissors are the next pair in the set of hairdressing scissors. These scissors are made to cut several hair strands at once, which makes them ideal for methods like cutting over a comb. They work well for implementing blunt-cutting procedures as well, enabling straight-line cuts to remove uneven ends. It’s crucial to remember that those with smaller hands or hand injuries from repetitive motion may not be able to use these scissors.

Left-Handed Scissors

Scissors for left-handed individuals are specially crafted to cater to the needs of left-handed barbers, featuring distinct configurations compared to their right-handed counterparts. Additionally, some left-handed scissors offer greater comfort, making them a worthwhile investment that can yield superior results.

Jaguar Left-Handed Scissor

Key Tips for Purchasing Various Types of Shears:

  1. Examine the material: Hair-cutting scissors are commonly made of stainless steel. Many prefer Japanese steel when buying hairdressing shears.
  2. Size matters: If you have bigger hands, go for longer blades. For those with medium or smaller hands, consider blades of moderate length.
  3. Check the handle: Swivel-style handles are a great pick if you have hand discomfort. However, if you’re on a budget, traditional shears are also a practical choice.



  1. What are the main types of shears used in hairdressing?

In hairdressing, there are two main types of shears: hair cutting shears and thinning shears.

  1. How do texturizing shears differ from other shears?

Texturizing shears, with 7-16 teeth on their blades, are perfect for thinning thick hair and creating balance while reducing haircut weight.

  1. What is the purpose of thinning shears in hairdressing?

Thinning shears reduce hair thickness and blend sections with closely spaced teeth, offering faster and easier use compared to regular scissors.

  1. Why might someone prefer short-bladed cutting scissors?

Short-bladed cutting scissors are preferred by those with smaller hands for their lightness and improved control, reducing hand fatigue while cutting hair.

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