Learn How To Quickly Sharpen Shears And Make Them New

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Quick Guide to Sharpen Shears

Hair shears are a hairstylist’s best friend, but they need to be sharp for great haircuts. Dull shears make haircuts tough and can harm hair. Learning to sharpen shears quickly can save you time and money. This guide will show you how to do it easily, making your shears feel like new for pro-quality haircuts.

What You Need

Before we start, get these things ready:

  1. Dull hair shears
  2. A fine-grit sharpening stone or a diamond sharpening rod
  3. A soft cloth or towel
  4. Special oil (like clipper oil or sewing machine oil)
  5. A small brush or toothbrush
  6. Safety goggles

Step 1: Safety

Put on safety goggles to protect your eyes from any bits that might fly during sharpening.

Step 2: Clean the Shears

First, clean the shears to get rid of hair, dust, and stuff. Use a soft cloth or a brush to wipe the blades.

Step 3: Take Them Apart (If You Can)

sharpening shears at home

If your shears can be taken apart, do it carefully. This makes it easier to sharpen each blade.

Step 4: Sharpening

Now, let’s sharpen the shears. You’ll need a sharpening stone or rod. Here’s how:

  1. Hold the stone or rod with one hand.
  2. Hold one shear blade at a 10 to 15-degree angle to the stone or rod with the other hand.
  3. Start from the base and gently slide the blade to the tip with smooth, even strokes.
  4. Do this a few times on one side until it’s shiny and sharp.
  5. Turn the shear blade over and do the same on the other side.
  6. If you took the shears apart, do the same for the other blade.

Step 5: Keep Them Smooth

To stop rust and keep the shears working well, add a few drops of special oil. Open and close the shears a few times to spread the oil, and wipe off extra oil.

Step 6: Put It Back Together

If you took the shears apart, carefully put them back together with all the pieces in the right place.

Step 7: Try Them Out

Before using them on hair, test the shears by trimming a bit of hair or paper to see if they’re sharp and work well. If not, sharpen them again.

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To keep your shears in good shape between sharpening:

  1. Clean them after each use to remove hair and stuff.
  2. Add a drop of oil to the pivot point now and then to keep the blades moving easily.
  3. Store them in a case to protect them and keep them sharp.


Learning to quickly sharpen shears is great for hairstylists and anyone using these tools. Follow these steps and do regular maintenance to keep your shears in top shape. This way, you’ll always have sharp shears to create awesome hairstyles. And for the best results, try The Sharpening Essential Kit to keep all your blades super sharp!

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FAQ – Quick Sharpen Shears

  1. Why should I sharpen my shears regularly?

Regular shearing sharpening is essential for precise, damage-free haircuts. Dull   shears can harm hair and make your work more challenging.

  1. What tools do I need for shear sharpening?

You’ll need dull hair shears, a fine-grit sharpening stone or diamond sharpening rod, a soft cloth, special oil (like clipper or sewing machine oil), a small brush, and safety goggles.

  1. Is it safe to disassemble shears for sharpening?

If your shears can be taken apart, it can make the sharpening process easier, but it’s crucial to do it carefully to ensure correct reassembly.

  1. How do I maintain my shears between sharpening?

Clean your shears after each use, add a drop of oil to the pivot point regularly, and store them in a protective case to prevent damage and maintain sharpness.

  1. How do I test the sharpened shears?

Before using them on hair, trim a small section of hair or a piece of paper to ensure they are sharp and working correctly. If not, sharpen them again.