Top 10 Shear Cases for Professional Shears

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Can a scissor case really prevent damage to your professional hairstyling shears?

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As a hairstylist, shears are an essential tool that we rely on every day. Professional shears can be expensive, ranging from $200 to $1400 depending on the quality. It’s important to take good care of these shears for creating exciting hairstyles for valued clients.

One way to keep your shears organized and in good condition is by using a shear case. Scissor cases provide a neat storage solution, making it easy to find the right pair of scissors when you need them. By separating cutting shears from texturizing shears, you can save time and avoid frustration. 

Using a scissor case also helps protect your shears from damage and keeps them clean. With separate compartments, you can keep track of your inventory and avoid misplacing your favorite pair. This is especially useful in the fast-paced world of hairstyling, where time is of the essence.

Investing in a shear case is a smart choice for any hairstylist who wants to keep their shears in good condition and work efficiently. This blog introduces top 10 scissor cases for your professional haircutting shears. 

Brown Checkered Case by Scissor Mall (8 Scissor)

brown checkered case by scissor mall

The Brown Checkered scissor Case exudes elegance and features two distinct zippered sections. Each pocket has a capacity of up to 4 scissors, making it capable of holding a maximum of 8 shears.

scissor cases

Its sturdy outer shell provides reliable protection to the shears held inside, which can be up to 7.5 inches in length. The scissor case is also equipped with a small business card holder, adding to its convenience.

scissors case

All of these features come at an excellent price of $45, reflecting the case’s outstanding quality.

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Hanzo HHC20 Shear Case (20 Scissors)

hanzo hhc2 shear case

This hard shear case is designed like a briefcase and has sturdy holding slots for up to 20 shears. The inside of the case is carefully lined to ensure that the shears remain securely in place and don’t move during transportation. You gain a premium feel on holding the case. The durability and built quality justify the $100 price tag. Additionally, a carrying handle has been added to provide comfort when transporting the case.

At $100, I believe that the Hanzo HHC30 offers great value for the money. Its thoughtful design and high-quality materials make it a reliable choice for hairstylists who want to protect and organize their shears.

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Hard Hide Clutch Style Shear Case by Scissor Mall (12 Scissors)

hide clutch style shear case

The Hard Hide Clutch Case from Scissor Mall is a remarkable shear case that can house up to 12 shears. Its two magnetic snap closures sound very satisfying when closed. The shear holders are sewn in place, ensuring extra durability.

cases for scissors

This case can hold shears of up to 8 inches in length, and the fabric flaps provide remarkable protection for the shears. The minimalistic, trendy design of the case makes it an excellent choice for true professionals. The case is available at a highly affordable price of just $49. Exact materials unknown!

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Black Zippered Case by Scissor Mall (8 Scissors)

blacked zippered case by scissor mall

The black zippered case is a budget-friendly option for storing up to 8 shears, with mesh pockets for combs and card slots. It’s not recommended for professional hairstyling shears, as they may be crowded together and potentially damaged.

cases for shears

Consider investing in a higher-end case for better protection if you have expensive shears.

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Hanzo HHROLL8 Suede Shear Case (8 Scissors)

hanzo hhroll8 suede shear case

The HHROLL8 Shear Case is a high-quality, old-school option made of suede material that can hold up to 8 shears. It has a classic feel reminiscent of the Sweeney Todd era.

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Pink Leather/Fabric Shear Case (8 Scissors)

pink leather fabric shear case

The black and pink shear case is a popular option among females. The shear case features a stylish combination of black fabric and flashy pink leather trims – absolutely chic. 

protect scissors with cases

It can hold up to 7-inch shears and has 2 zippered compartments, making it a practical choice. With 25 five-star reviews on Sicssormall and a price of only $35, it’s also an affordable option.

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Sturdy Scissor Case from Etsy (12 Scissors)

sturdy scissor case from etsy

This Sturdy handmade shear case from Etsy is an excellent option designed specifically for professional hairstylists who carry a variety of shears. This product is made from a leatherette material with a holding capacity of 12 scissors.

cases protect scissors and shears

The case features 12 pockets for shears, a buttoned pocket, a zipper compartment, a loop for an oiling pen, and a detachable loop hole. There is enough room for multiple cutting scissors and texturizing tools. The foldable design allows accessories like combs, clips and finger inserts stay firmly in place.

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Leather Hair Stylist Shear Case from Etsy (8 Scissors)

leather hair stylist shear case from etsy

The personalized leather shear case is a simple handmade case that has a rough, rustic finish. The best quality leather has been utilized in the making of this shear case. It is suitable for salon and personal use and can hold up to 8 shears.

etsy shear case

There is a separate compartment for accessories like clips and combs. The case is messy and a big too cluttered though!

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Hanzo Magnetic Folding Case (5 Scissors)

hanzo magnetic folding case

The Hanzo Magnetic Folding Case is an excellent product to begin with. The quality is just amazing and the best part is its sleek design. Professional hairstylists who travel a lot can find it very convenient. This case has a holding capacity of five shears and 2 combs. That’s just enough equipment for personal use!

Top 3 Scissor Case Recommendations

Hard Hide Clutch Style Shear Case by Scissor Mall (12 Scissors)

big shear cases

Sturdy Scissor Case from Etsy (12 Scissors)

big scissor case

Brown Checkered Case by Scissor Mall (8 Scissor)

checkered case for scissors