What Are Taper Shears? Are They The Same As Thinning Shears?

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What Are Taper Shears? Read to learn why hairstylists use them

Hairstylists and barbers use taper shears to blend or reduce hair thickness. The serrated edge on their blades makes it easier to grip and cuts hair with greater control. This allows the stylist to create a more natural, blended look and remove bulk from the hair without making it look too choppy. Taper shears are also helpful in creating layered hairstyles and textured cuts.

Taper Shears Features

  • Seamless Blending and Texture – Specialized Design for Perfect Hair Integration
  • Versatile Styling – Tapering, Thinning, and Texturizing Made Easy
  • Comfortable Grip, Effortless Style – Say Goodbye to Hand Fatigue
  • Durability – Stainless Steel or Titanium Construction for Longevity
  • Personalized Control –  Adjustable Tension for Precision Cutting
  • All-in-One Solution –  Suitable for Various Hairstyles and Techniques

Types Of Hair Taper Shears

Single-Sided Shears

32 teeth taper shearsSingle-sided taper shears are specialised scissors with teeth on one side and a sharp straight blade on the other. They are ideal for managing wavy and thick hair, adding bounce, and reducing frizz. These scissors are commonly used on children with thick hair. To thin the hair, they are used by starting from the ends and moving towards the roots, working section by section.

Double-Sided Shears

double sided taper shearsDouble-sided hair taper shears feature teeth on both sides of the blades. These scissors have teeth on both sides, enabling you to thin and texturize the hair without leaving an observable line. Even with the blades closed, you can comb in any direction without damaging or tearing your hair.

Wide-Toothed Shears

wide toothed taper shearsWide-toothed taper shears have wider gaps between the teeth, allowing them to easily glide through thick or coarse hair without causing tangles or snags. These taper shears are designed to remove bulk and create more defined, natural-looking hairstyles. They are beneficial for detangling, shaping, and adding volume to curly or afro-textured hair. Wide tooth shears provide a gentle and effective way to achieve desired hairstyles while maintaining the hair’s natural texture and minimizing damage.

What are the Best taper shears to buy in 2023?

Juntetsu Hair Taper Shears

junetetsue hair taper shears

With Juntetsu’s Offset Taper Scissors, you can experience professional hair thinning like never before. These light scissors are made of high-quality steel and offer effortless precision. The v-shaped serrations guarantee smooth cutting without tugging or pulling. An ergonomic offset design gives comfort, and limits stress on your fingers, wrist, handle, and shoulder. Elevate your hair taper experience with the best shear of 2023 – Juntetsu’s Offset taper Scissors.

Jaguar Double-Sided Satin Taper Shears

4420 taper fine thinning shearsThe exceptional Jaguar Satin Double-Sided Hair Taper Shears will help you improve your hairstyling skills. These shears were made for flawless texturizing and thinning. The highly sharp teeth help you quickly make flawless looks. With 30 teeth on every 6″ shear cutting edge, the exact V-teeth striation ensures reliably consistent cuts, Taper shears are ideal for accomplishing the ideal layered style. Make this top-notch shear your definitive decision for unmatched hair changes.

Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Taper Shear

4420 taper fine thinning shearsThe Ichiro Rose Gold Hair Taper Scissor is a must-have for professionals who want to achieve effortless and stylish hair thinning. It is comfortable with a semi-crane style handle and reduces wrist/finger strain thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design. To maximise productivity, the thinning teeth efficiently remove 20-25% of hair when wet and 25-30% when dry.

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Joewell E30/E40 Taper Shears

jowell e30 e40 taper shearsThe Joewell E40 Hair Taper Shear is famous for its simplicity and adaptability. With straight handles reasonable for two hands, removable finger rests, and a level strain screw, these shears offer hassle-free execution. They deliver precise taper with a cut percentage of 15% to 25% (wet) or 25% to 35% (dry), and they are available in 5.5-inch sizes with 30 or 40 teeth. They are made of durable stainless steel. Lift your hairstyling with the famous Joewell E40 Diminishing Taper Shear.

Yasaka YS400/YS300 Taper Shears

yasaka ys400 ys300 taper shearsThe Yasaka YS 6.0 Inch Hair Taper Shears make it simple to thin and texture hair with an extended crane-styled handle. These scissors are made of high-quality Japanese steel and provide precise cutting for a beautiful blended look. They are available in models with 30 teeth (YS-300) or 40 teeth (YS-400), each with a cut rate of 35% or 50%, making them ideal for effective texturizing and thinning.

Hattori Hanzo Shears HH14T

44 20 taper fine thinning shearsThe HH14T by Hattori Hanzo Shears is a blending texturizer with 26 teeth of medium coarseness. Hattori Hanzo Shears’ HH14T is a blending texturizer with 26 medium-coarseness teeth. It eliminates weight, making it a popular choice for stylists and barbers. It makes it possible to blend hair smoothly, giving the hair a soft texture that looks good. The HH14T is a significant improvement over the traditional thinning shears. The micro serrations on the top of the teeth contribute to a subtle textured effect, and its curved teeth allow for smooth sliding without hair grabbing.