How To Cut Short Hair In Layers With Scissors

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Quick Guide – How To Cut
Short Hair In Layers With Scissors

Discover the secrets of how to cut short hair in layers with scissors. Trendy, timeless, layered short haircuts like the long layered bob or pixie offer volume, contouring, and weight reduction. Save time and money by mastering the art of layering at home. Learn techniques to enhance the appearance of thickness in fine hair and overcome styling challenges for thick hair. Embark on a journey to achieve flawless short layers with confidence and skill.

What to keep in mind while layering short hair?

To cut short hair in layers with scissors, there are important factors to consider. Follow these suggestions to get a layered haircut to make you feel loved. 

  1. Position two mirrors strategically to help you see the back of your head while cutting.
  2. Have a spray bottle filled with water to keep your hair damp during the cutting process.
  3. Prepare two or three sharp scissors specifically for haircutting purposes.
  4.  Before cutting, ensure your hair is slightly damp from a recent shower, avoiding excessively dry hair.
  5. Aim for precise and straight division lines when sectioning your hair for layering, maintaining accuracy throughout the process.

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7 steps to cut short hair in layers

Ready your hair for layering

When learning how to cut short hair in layers with scissors, start by ensuring the hair is slightly damp and conditioned for optimal softness and shine. As you towel dry, be aware that layering short hair demands precision compared to long hair. Cut your hair in a room with at least two mirrors. One will be in front of you, and the other on the backside. Before cutting, assess your hair and decide on the desired layering style and length. This thoughtful preparation sets the stage for a successful layered haircut.

Make your hair sections

how to cut short hair in layers with scissorsTo achieve proper layering when cutting short hair with scissors, it is essential to divide the hair into sections. How to cut short hair in layers with scissors begins by using a rat tail comb for distinct sectioning. Start by creating a top box section on both sides of the crown, where the head curves. These partitions effectively divide the hair from the center of the head. Further divide the remaining hair into two equal parts: one extending from the crown to the forehead and the other from the crown to the nape of the neck. Pay meticulous attention to accuracy and precision while layering the top box section. By following these steps, you can achieve well-defined layers when cutting short hair with scissors.

Uplift the section from the top box

Utilize a comb to lift the front section of hair from the top box. Create a 90-degree angle from your head to select a section. Firmly grip this section using your forefinger and middle finger, ensuring both fingers are perpendicular to your forehead.

Trim the hair from the top box

To achieve the desired layered effect, carefully trim the hair between your fingers and allow it to fall naturally. Proceed by lifting the next section of hair, blending it with the previous section for a seamless transition, and trimming it to match the same length. Repeat this process for all layers within the top box, ensuring consistency. Remember to keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby to maintain dampness during the layering process. This helps with control and precision. Be mindful of the sections that have already been trimmed to avoid cutting them again, as this can disrupt the desired layered look. By maintaining uniformity in length, you’ll achieve beautifully defined layers in your short hair.

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Make the hair section down the middle

Once you have finished trimming the entire top box, create a middle part that extends downwards. This partition will serve as a guide for cutting your layers, providing a straight path to follow.

Trim the side layers

Gently lift a section from the front of each side of your head and hold it between your fingers, ensuring a 90-degree angle perpendicular to the head. Repeat this process for all sections on one side, then do the same for the sections on the other side of your head.

Review your layers

Look closely at your layers, particularly the areas around your ears and the back of your hairline. If you notice any unevenness, use the scissors carefully to make the necessary adjustments. You can also refine the edges by trimming them for a polished appearance.

Things to avoid while cutting short hair in layers

  1. Avoid cutting too much hair at once.
  2. Avoid using dull scissors.
  3. Take your time and avoid rushing.
  4. Create layers instead of cutting straight across.
  5. Seek references or tutorials for guidance.
  6. Consider the hair’s texture and thickness.
  7. Avoid cutting too close to the scalp.
  8. Regularly trim to maintain shape and health.

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